Session 2- About Last Night


Mallory: Wildhorse- Human Rogue 1
Nick: Karrn- Human Rogue 1
Tim: Kim Rhun- Human Bard 1
Matt: ?- Half-Elf Cleric 1

Session Synopsis

The party awoke to find themselves in the basement of a police station. Amongst them were a variety of witnesses and participants to the events in the Beergarden that evening although none of them quite remembered what had transpired.

After several hours, and the repeated attempts of Kim Rhun to negotiate with his captors, the prisoners were addressed by a member of House Cannith and Artificer of the Twelve named Besrudio D’Cannith. Besrudio informed the party that a Cannith courier had been the target of the murder in the plaza and offered a pardon to any who could assist in bringing forth the missing assailant. The party agreed to the offer and ? (Matt’s Character) additionally negotiated the release of a young orphan boy whom he had intently watched during their captivity.

Following the boy’s escape, the party traveled to the Caves of the Skeletal Hand in search of the shifter and were eventually able to track him down thanks to the inquiries of Karrn and the willingness of most of the group to threaten the life of a goblin trader named Shakan in the pursuit of information.

After being led to the shifter’s dwelling the party, with ? (Matt) at the lead entered the building only to discover a pit trap at the door of the old military installation. After several members unsuccessfully negotiated the obstacle and alerted all inside the party was eventually able to locate the shifter in question. Due to Kim Rhun and Karrn’s diplomatic skill the party was free to indulge in some wine and dreamlilly with their would be target and learned that the shifters were members of a revolutionary movement amongst followers of the Blood of Vol. The gathering was then interrupted by the appearance of a Vol Cleric named Travack who unsuccessfully solicited the party to join in an expedition to the Mournland in search of an artifact. Upon finding out that the shifters had failed to intercept the Cannith package, Travack killed the shifter Ralph and left the party to deal with body and his hallucinating comrade.



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