Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like? Did you know your parents and any siblings? Are they still alive?

-Grew up on a vineyard along the Aundair river south west of Fairhaven. My childhood was interesting. During the war, the winery wasn’t making any money, so my family started buying and selling magical weapons. I was always interested in it, but my father would only teach me so much. My family is spread across Aundair for different contact points, but I live with my mother, father and uncle.

Do you belong to any guild, organizations, or houses? How did you join?

-Not apart of any guilds or houses

Who are your current associates? Do you have any other relevant contacts?

-Working on making contacts at different bars and battlefronts. For family, I have an Aunt and uncle in Stormshorn, an Older brother in Thrane, and an old family friend in markets place.

What is your current job? What are your goals in this position? What about long term?

-Currently I am a distributor for the wine my family makes. I travel with my uncle and he does some arms dealing. I am trying to learn from him since my father wont teach me. My goal is to become wealthy merchant of liberation tools and libations.

How did you come by your class and position?

-My parent first sent me to one of the magic academies in fairhaven, but I dropped out once I saw how much work it was. Wondering the town while playing hooky one day, I stumbled upon a minstrel who was terrible at playing music, but people were lining up to give him money, I thought that was an amazing skill to have and I must master the art.

Do you have any enemies?

-My family has lived in Aundair for centuries, so when the eldeen reaches succeeded, the druids were quickly became a disliked group in the family. My personality lends itself to a “love me or hate me,” type thing, so it’s possible many people don’t like me.

How did the last war affect your character? (Remember it was about 15 years ago) Did you serve? Did your parents or family?

-During the war, my parents did what they needed to do and made a lot of money doing it. They made contacts at all the magic academies and found people to make weapons. They sold them to whoever would buy. At the end of the war, they bought them all back for dirt cheap on are sitting on them for the next conflict.

Has your character been affected by any of the other major events contained in the House Rules? Is he/she connected to any of those characters?



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