Session 1- Blood in the Beergarden


Deanna: Rianna- Elven Rogue 1
Mallory: Wildhorse- Human Rogue 1
Nick: Cairn- Human Rogue 1
Tim: Kim Rhun- Human Bard 1

Guest NPC’s

Grant- Frantic Barmaid; White Lion Sergeant

Session Synopsis:

The party began play in the Karrnathi city of Korth during the Festival of the Twelve, a trade expo for researchers at the tower of the Twelve in the heart of the city. Toward the closing of the exposition several PC’s noticed the odd behavior of two cloaked men near the bar cart and proceeded to investigate. In the ensuing interaction Rianna observed one of the cloaked men lift a envelop bearing a Dragonmark seal from an human man who appeared to have stumbled. Rianna attempted to steal the documents only to be caught and drawn into combat with the individual despite the attempts of Kim to diffuse the situation.

Meanwhile, utilizing the distraction, Cairn lifted some tips from the local barmaid who soon began to frantically wave two handcrossbows at her patrons. Cairn attempted to stop her be tossing a sword her direction, an action which attracted the fool attention of the local patrol and allowed one of the cloaked men to escape.

Locked in combat the second man, whom Wildhorse identified as a Shifter, was unable to escape due to the joint efforts of Wildhorse and Rianna. Cairn attempted to escape the guard only to be knocked out by the sergeant.

Despite their help in defeating one assailant, and the Sergeant’s fascination with Kim, the guards ordered everyone to surrender their weapons and the party now stands in danger of arrest.



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