Welcome to the campaign home page.

In contrast to the previous group of heroes I’m hoping in this run to really explore the pulp aspects of Eberron and delve into questions of moral ambiguity, political struggles, and competing concepts of the common good. If GTA Eberron is the result I’m fine with that too.

The campaign will be fairly reactionary allowing for a great deal of freedom to make decisions as a larger course of events takes place in the backdrop. Characters will have opportunities to intersect with major figures and events or ignore them entirely. The consequences of these actions will impact the world as it develops.

Each PC should be created using the guidelines listed on the Characters page of this wiki. There guidelines regarding creation, available source materials, and suggestions for developing a robust backstory will be found readily available. Once player characters are created please upload them to this wiki. Also, feel free to develop any of the NPC’s in your backstory and add them as well. Rivals, family, and friends within the backstory will be of great assistance in developing interesting options for the party at different points in the campaign. However, as a general rule I will prohibit the inclusion of any NPC within your background who exceeds ECL 11. This does however allow your character to be an acquaintance of your former ones.

The campaign will begin at least about 15 years after the last war in the Karrnathi city of Korth. This places the campaign about 8 years after the last one. Principally, your character should have a reason for being in Korth during the Festical of the Twelve, an event which showcases new products and advances being made by the Dragonmarked Houses. Karrnath itself is in a state of disorder following a series of uprisings led by agents of the Blood of Vol and is approaching a state of Civil War. While much of the Eastern parts of the nations have been ceded to Vol’s supporters Korth, as the capital, is among the more secure areas of the nation. Additional changes to the world from the base campaign setting can be found on the House Rules page of this wiki.


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